Eddington developed at the natural crossing point on the Loddon River on the road between Dunolly and Maldon. Originally a punt operated the crossing, but when a bridge was built c1861 and the township was subdivided in 1863, commercial buildings sprang up along McCoy Street, the road to the bridge. Pubs opened on both sides of the river, stores, saleyards, saddlery, bank, stock and station agent, chemist, blacksmith. Business developed along the river to supply the expanding population with the necessities of life – flour, butter, cheese, beer and the bottles to put it in. When gold mining in the vicinity dwindled and the new river crossing at its current location went ahead in 1926, the township was bypassed and the population decline accelerated.

“Today Eddington boasts three flourishing businesses employing over 20 people, and the farms surrounding the town still prosper, despite record flooding after years of drought.

The townsfolk continue to take pride in their surroundings, and appreciate the beautiful river.

How lucky for us today to be able to enjoy the town’s tranquillity and historic ambience. Follow the map and enjoy an evocative stroll around town.


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