In 1851 the large parcel of land named the Charlotte Plains Run, was divided with the land on the West side of the Loddon River called “Janevale”. It is believed that the name Laanecoorie came from the aboriginal word Ladnagoorie, meaning a long water hole.

Crossing the Loddon River was by punt, downstream from the Janevale Bridge until the first bridge was opened in 1872.  When the Laanecoorie Weir broke its bank in 1909 the bridge was destroyed.

Sir John Monash built the Historic “Janevale Bridge” over the Loddon River. Opening in August 1911, the bridge is still standing. The “Janevale Bridge” is the largest reinforced girder bridge of its kind to be built in Victoria and possibly Australia, before the 1st world war.

Construction of the Laanecoorie Weir commenced in the late 1800’s. Repairs to the weir after the big flood were completed in 1910 when the wall was raised 3 Feet, thus allowing the weir to hold 700 million cubic feet of water.

The Laanecoorie Caravan Park is situated at the Weir. Enjoy fishing, canoeing, camping, walking, bike riding, water skiing, swimming and river front camping.


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