Tarnagulla boasts an historic streetscape to explore.

The Southern entrance to the Loddon Valley is through the old mining Township of Tarnagulla.

Today’s visitors can see the legacy of a rich mining past. The virtually untouched streetscape allows visitors to step back in time to the lifestyle of a by-gone era. Six of the beautiful old buildings are listed as having “State Significance’.

Some of the purest gold was yielded from the mines in this area. The Poverty Mine yielded 13 ton of gold in 13 months. The monument to this mine can be seen from Commercial Road.


Today the tourist is offered a diverse range of experiences.


Cycling tracks around Tarnagulla provide a link, through the Box and Iron Bark forest, to the various surrounding towns. Or the visitor can choose if they wish, to just explore around the town at their leisure.


Tarnagulla’s walking tracks offer an enjoyable stroll to various points of interest. Kangaroos and Wallabies abound. The Box and Iron Bark forest is a mecca for wild life, and photographers are supplied with abundant opportunities to capture the bird and wild life through the lens. Each season offers its own beauty, particularly in the springtime when the Golden Wattle is beyond description amongst the Iron Bark trees, and the myriad of wildflowers is amazing.


Experience the beautiful sunrises, amazing sunsets and the clear galaxies.  These all offer wonderful photography opportunities.


There are camping spots throughout the area, which offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquillity offered in the Southern end of the Loddon Valley. 

Click here to access the Tarnagulla and District History Group.
Tarnagulla Church
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The Ressie
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Tarnagulla Victoria hall
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Tarnagulla lake bed
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Pub - Waanyarra
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Kangas in Town - Summer
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Water refelction2-Summer
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Tarnagulla Recreation Reserve
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Tarnagulla Walking Track
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